Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava,
contributory organization  


Ivan Pinkava / Eliáš Dolejší / Burning Through

Studio Odile DECQ / Horizons

Gift / A tribute to Emanuel Křenek

František Jureček – Alois Sprušil / A new gallery in the newly-borly state

Exhibition of a single work GVUO / Radoslav Kratina / Geometric composition / Selected by Vladimir 518



  • 17.00–20.30

Hand-making paper / Paper manufacture Velké Losiny

  • 17.15–18.00

Playing ethnical instruments / Jana Johana Hinková

  • 21.00–22.00

Dance workshop / Swing Ostrava

Booking obligatory at reservation

  • 18.00–19.00

Papa Masaryk

Educational performance by a theatre troupe Theatr Ludem. Recommended for kids.

  • 17.00–17.15

Vesna / Musical performance by a kids‘ alternative band

  • 19.30–20.30

A concert by a band, Mamalör

  • 20.00–21.30

Red – not only a colour of love and revolution. A lecture by Marek Zágora

  • 22.30–24.00


A concert and swing dancers. The groove is in your heart too!

  • 19.00–19.30


Performance by Vlastislav Matoušek.
Booking obligatory at reservation


Time travel to the days of the First Republic. Costumes are encouraged!

Refreshments in the coffee shop and on the terrace.


Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava,
contributory organization
House of Arts
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