Club Atlantikatlantik_white

  • 16.00–00.00

Gardenistic totally museal grill party

(Café and Club Atlantik gardens)


  • 19.00

Without Charles

Nameless group with no compromises. A band of creative writers from Poruba for the third time at Ostrava Museum Night. This time in a blurry European style.

  • 21.00

Museum Night’s Fever – club quiz for all by-walkers

How much is 2018 minus 1918? “Od Čadce k Dunaju počuť čudnú nôtu.” First Republic could not have been the first. There are loads of things happening in the club quiz: a series of electroshocks, brainwashing, scenes from B-horror movies and answers to questions that nobody is interested in knowing anymore. Prove that you’re a superhero among the museum exhibits and become a part of the display in Atlantik together with your team! Maximum of four members in each team. Win! If more than four members of a team are present, it’s considered cheating. Hosted by Vladimír Šmehlík.


Café and Club Atlantik

Třída Československých legií 7
702 00 Ostrava
Phone +420 599 527 110