Coal Mine Michal

  • 18.00–24.00 

Ostrava mines in pictures

At 18.00 a festive opening of an exposition covering twenty Ostrava mines will begin. Both well-known and unknown, standing and derelict mines will be presented using photographic documentation that will show historical development of objects. Expert commentary will be provided by Rostislav Šeruda. The last entry at 23.30. Booking ahead is not obligatory.

  • 21.00–22.00

Guided tour of an exposition by Martin Mulač in the Guild Hall (Cechovna).

Guided tour of an exposition by a young Prague artist Martin Mulač that deals with painting, graphics, and drawing.

Martin Mulač (* 1988) is a graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Studio of graphics I, prof. Jiří Lindovský). “My work does not close its eyes before subjects that are unacceptable, nasty and depressive for many. On the other hand I try to alleviate the pain of all negative emotions of life by their depiction, black humour and hyperbole.”


Coal Mine Michal
Důl Michal
ČSA 95/413
715 00 Ostrava-Michálkovice
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