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(2017, 105 minutes)

Directors: Lee Unkrich, Adrian Molina

Despite an odd family ban on playing music, Miguel pains for becoming a renowned musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. In his trying to prove his talents Miguel gets into the beautiful and colourful Land of the Dead under strange circumstances. There he meets a charming crook Hector and together they embark on a thrilling journey to uncover the true story of Miguel’s family.

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Planeta Česko

(2017, 81 minutes)

Director: Marián Polák

Our nature is as manifold as few countries in the world. Beauty and adventure is within our reach – just watch closely! A first full-feature film about the Czech countryside shows fascinating adventures of plants and animals living very close to us thanks to cutting-edge technologies. Meet a grouse doing a mating call at dawn, rare ground squirrels, with which children play in the meadows, kingfisher going headfirst through water surface, salmons travelling from the Czech rivers to the sea and back or grass snakes in a dramatic fight with fish.

Enjoy a thrilling voyage to mouflons, beavers, frogs getting blue and tens of other heroes. Some of them you may not even know –the wilderness starts just behind your door. The documentary film by Marián Polák proves that we do not need to travel to exotic countries to stand in awe before the wonders of the nature. Often we have them in front of our eyes. Then we could see swallows that can open the door using an electric eye. It is the director’s ability to discover out-of-ordinary details that makes “Wilder Than Wilderness” a documentary movie worthy of attention of the whole world.

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Café concert under the candle light and a surprise (Café)


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