Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26

Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26, which is run by the Centre for Culture and Education Moravian Ostrava, contributory organization of the City District Moravian Ostrava and Přívoz, started its activities in 1993. As its name suggests it is located on avenue Sokolská 26 on the first floor of a historic villa. Its dramaturgy presents significant and indisputable art personalities that create and uphold the concept of the contemporary Czech art scene. Not only works by many leading Czech and foreign artists are presented there but also group exhibitions of mostly young artists from different regions are organised here. The curator of the exhibitions is Ing. Milan Weber.

  • 16.00–23.00

Free entry to expositions

JIŘÍ VALENTA (1936–1991)

Jiří Valenta was one of important representatives of a radical stream of Czech structural abstraction of the 60s (together with Jan Koblasa, Aleš Veselý, and Zbyšek Sion). His principals sources were polarization of the existential level (manifested by direct modifications into a relief of amorphous matter) and transcendental (displayed by organization of basic geometric shapes and internal enlightening). After having emigrated in 1968 his work got even more enlightened and spiritual in freely continuing work of Czech medieval masters such as Master Theodorik and Master of the Třeboň altarpiece.

  • 17.00–18.00

A performance by Adolf Dudek

  • 18.00–20.00

Face painting

  • 18.00–20.00

Art madness at Sokolská

During Jiří Valenta’s expositions fun art and craft activities focused on play and enjoying art will be prepared within Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26. During Ostrava Museum Night you’ll see that in order to create an original piece of art you won’t need a brush, nor a spatula. You’re going to use your creativity, paper and ordinary objects of everyday life. Both talented AND untalented are all cordially invited.

  • 20.00–21.00
  • 21.00–22.00

Workshop of encaustic painting

Encaustic painting also known as hot wax painting is a technique from ancient Greece. This method is gaining on popularity for its simplicity. Even absolute beginners can create stunning landscape and abstract motives. Every participant will get their own image on a hardboard desk and other works on glossy paper.

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Centre for Culture and Education Moravian Ostrava, contributory organisation

Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26

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