Ostrava City Library,
contributory organization


One hundred years of the republic in the library

  • 18.00–22.00

Hundred steps to books

(warehouse, entry through sound library)

Adventure First Republic literary walk through a cellar full of books that opens only on this night! You’ll enjoy extraordinary adventure and maybe you’ll meet your favourite book protagonists. Series of competitions, games and fun for whole families, especially for kids!

  • 18.00–18.45

Hundred faces of Čapek bros!

(Universal hall – OCL passageway)

Since November 1989 Čapek brothers have been regarded as an example of noblesse, creativity, and democratism of the First Republic, which serves as a model of leadership of the state and its culture for many. In a short lecture you’ll hear not only about their immeasurable multigenre talents but also about ways the contemporary society was attacking and threatening them. Lecture by Mgr. Roman Polách, Ph.D.

  • 20.00–21.00

Divine life of the First Republic?

(Universal hall – OCL passageway)

“Long live the republic! Long live Masaryk!” – was the birth of Czechoslovakia really such a heaven on Earth? What was happening in Ostrava? What did our neighbours in Poland or Hungary dislike? Was the so-called First Republic such a paradise in the Czech basin, where anything you touched turned to gold? Its history was different from what we know from the 20s and 30s movies and not everybody was as happy as Kristián and they probably could not fool around like Eva. Lecture by Bohdan Volejníček aka BoboKing, enriched by movie and book excerpts.

  • 18.00–2200

Library a hundred times different

(individual departments of OCL)

Of course we’ll be offering the usual services of the library in unusual opening hours. Read at night!

  • 22.00–00.00

Hundred tones of the night or Open Mic Night

(adult department)

Float through the night tones that listeners from the First Republic would have loved! All of this in a place where books usually rule. Author works, authenticity, atmosphere. These can be found at Open Mic, where anybody can perform.

Performing: production team Open Mic – astounding David Bartoš, eversmiling and universal Milan Šťastný and a surprise of the night.

The whole event is going to take place only in the Central library of OCL (28. října 2). Due to a number of visitors we will not be able to lend books from our warehouse, into which vicinities you might want to make journey during the night. More info can be found on our OCL website. (www.kmo.cz).


Ostrava City Library, contributory organization
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