Gallery of Silesian Ostrava


The Gallery of Silesian Ostrava is a cultural facility in the Silesian district of Ostrava. It was founded in 2008, and it commenced its activities with a series of exhibitions on architectural themes.

The gallery has expanded since its conception with photographic exhibitions focussing on stage design or famous people over the following years. Since 2010, fine art (e.g. R. Fučíková, I. Titor, I. Kitzberger) has played the leading role in the exhibition show schedule. Kitzberger). Since 2011 the gallery dramaturgy has preferred those artists that had links through their life, work or educational activities with Ostrava, such as K. Lepík, E. Damborská). In the next years there were large exposition projects, e.g. Ostrava Art or The Contemporary Czech Industrial or Ostrava from the Other Side. Often the expos have been co-organised with other cultural organisations and expositions by foreign authors are not an exception (I. Haász, I. Piačka, A. Augustín).

Since September 2015 the Gallery of Silesian Ostrava has regularly organised thematic evenings aimed at literature, music or theatre, meeting with important personalities like Petr Nárožný, Alfréd Strejček or Martina Kociánová and concerts by such people as the songwriter Jan Burian.

Also other events like conferences, social events and seminars take place here.

The Gallery of Silesian Ostrava has a wheelchair access.

  • 17.00–00.00

Exposition by Milan Krajčo (SR)

  • 18.00

A concert by a guitar duo Ruda Horvat and Radim Přidal

  • 19.00

Guided tour of an exposition with Milan Krajčo

  • 20.00

A concert by a guitar duo Ruda Horvat and Radim Přidal

  • 17.00–00.00

Mental cafe

Refreshments served by the coffee house with non-traditional staff.


Gallery of Silesian Ostrava

Slezskoostravská radnice, Těšínská 35,
710 16 Slezská Ostrava
Facebook: Slezskoostravská galerie

Phone +420 725 716 900, +420 599 410 426